invite‘Wonderland’ is the name of Myrna’s latest art exhibition, held at Red Gallery in North Fitzroy with three other artists and opened very kindly by Helen Brack on the hot and muggy evening of 25th of February. IMG_2178

IMG_2199The hordes were in attendance, including other distinguished artists. And good looking hangers on.IMG_2193

Some were a bit cheesed off at having to put up with it all.


There are people who for various reasons couldn’t come. There are others, like us, who might like a record of the occasion and the works to turn back to from time to time. At present about a third of these chaps have found new owners, and we are assured they have gone to good homes.

Remember (and this is for you Baxter Holly with your febrile ways): a painting is not just for Christmas. It needs constant attention and affection. (I think that’s how that goes. Jess will be able to tell me.)

So, four larger works (all approximately 700 x 500mm) and six smaller studies (300 x 400mm) related to experiences in the Grampians mountains in western Victoria where we grew up; three of  ‘Fish’ (again 300 x 400mm) favourites of the little girls and destined for their walls; and four abstracts (same size) to some degree influenced by 20 years of lessons from Helen Brack. All are acrylics.

The note attached to Myrna’s paintings (never a more difficult genre than that) said: ‘Famous for its strange rock formations and beautiful trees and flowers McRae has been inspired by the colours and dramatic forms. Through the paintings she has explored the unusual features and meanings of this environment – her own personal wonderland.’ She actually had a lot more to say about it all than that, but that’ll do for the time being.

Names and dates are below the paintings.

Image4inviteCountry (Grampians Series, 2014)


IMG_0037                                                      Study for Life Cycle (Grampians Series, 2015)


Grampians#3                                                    Study for Country #1 (Grampians Series, 2014)


IMG_0040The Entry (Grampians Series, 2015)


Grampians #2
                                             Study for Country #2 (Grampians Series, 2014)


IMG_0036                                                     Waves (Grampians Series, 2015)


IMG_0034Watching (Grampians Series, 2015)


Grampians #1                                                           Study for Country #3 (Grampians Series, 2014)


IMG_0049                                                         Study for The Entry (Grampians Series, 2015)


IMG_0035Life Cycle (Grampians Series, 2015)


IMG_0050On the Road to Hamilton (Grampians Series, 2015) This didn’t get an airing. I hung on to it.


IMG_0038                                                                    Fish #1 (2013)


IMG_0041                                                                       Fish #2 (2013)


IMG_0044                                                                       Fish #3 (2013) (in real life better focused)


IMG_0047                                                                       Conflagration (2013)


IMG_0043                                                                          Leaning (2013)


IMG_0045                                                                            Connection (2013)


Myrna #2                                                                             Equilibrium (2013)

2 thoughts on “Wonderland

  1. I hope permission forms were collected on behalf of all people photographed including Romany. She did look like a seasoned attendee of opening nights.

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