Author: David McRae

Age: indeterminate, but bad knee(s, delete plural) and thinning hair

Birthstones: Topaz or citrine (disappointing, but what can you do?)

Nationality: a much better Australian than Alan Jones

Interests: most things really

Stars: ★ ★ ★

This blog began as a medium to write about and post pictures from travels, but it has spread a bit. Besides being a way of extending the pleasure, having another last wallow and a chance to think about what certain experiences added up to, like all writing it’s a chance to try to work out what you think.

I’m glad so many people are enjoying it.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Sam from Trutrack has just introduced me to your blog via his phone. I’m a thirty year resident of North Melbourne and a Trutrack regular for thirteen years. Your overview and accurate deconstruction of Errol St and surrounds was a delight to read. And I’m gad has won some personal and considered recognition for what he has achieved at TT. A lovely piece of writing- thank you. James

  2. A much better Australian than Alan Jones! Lol. Snorted my coffee out with that one! Loved just reading your Bishkek post! So fascinating! Greetings from Perth!

    • Thank you Anna. I’d had look at some of your adventures in NZ and on the Bibbulman Track and imagine we’d have quite a few things to talk about. Lovely to hear from you.

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