Author: David McRae

Age: indeterminate, but bad knee(s, delete plural) and thinning hair

Birthstones: Topaz or citrine (disappointing, but what can you do?)

Nationality: a much better Australian than Alan Jones

Interests: most things really

Stars: ★ ★ ★

This blog began as a medium to write about and post pictures from travels, but it has spread a bit. Besides being a way of extending the pleasure, having another last wallow and a chance to think about what certain experiences added up to, like all writing it’s a chance to try to work out what you think.

I’m glad so many people are enjoying it.

One thought on “About

  1. Sam from Trutrack has just introduced me to your blog via his phone. I’m a thirty year resident of North Melbourne and a Trutrack regular for thirteen years. Your overview and accurate deconstruction of Errol St and surrounds was a delight to read. And I’m gad has won some personal and considered recognition for what he has achieved at TT. A lovely piece of writing- thank you. James

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